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About two hours from Paris in Le Perche an exquisite valley country not far from Brittany and Normandy, you can have good fun fishing at Le Moulin de Gémages. It is a private playground with many types of trouts (and sometimes even carp !). You fish in ponds and on the local stream. The trouts feed naturaly on some fresh springs and you have the pleasure to adapt your pattern all along the day. So it is not double hawling with your wolly bugger for two hours… When we were there we had to swap streamers to nymphs then some mayflies started to rise… and the cycle keeps on moving !

The whole team is very welcoming and so goes the good quality of food and the classy tackle shop. Staying there the whole day is a bit pricey but you will sure have a good time.

I have a weakness for gold trouts because they are way easier to spot…