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Us guys at le Mouching are, indubitably, insatiable consumers of the Thai massage ladies. All over the body, on the front, on the back or on the sides; their little expert hands put us in seventh heaven.  Predilection, addiction: rarely a night goes by without a friendly visit to the tranquil salon of the little specialists with those adorable almond shaped eyes.

There was nothing better in this world, or so we naively thought,  until last week when my adorable, marvelous, splendid etc. wife divulged the latest craze from the far east that I call: Foot  massage by living little fish.

OK, I already hear you saying: “Once more, the Fleche is abusing his Cotes-du-Rhone.”

My hearty response is: “Hang loose, brother moose! The story is rigorously true. Just take a look at this film!”

The little fish are called “GARRA RUFA”, modest in size (1 to 2 inches) they are trained to eat the dead skin (yuck!) of your toes and you leave the aquarium you are as clean as a Gerber baby.

As you can imagine, when I told Cyril this story, the lout immediately envisioned a completely different bodily destination for the famous massage of the little fish.

We will prudently veil Cyril’s risque′ version.

Cyril’s veiled risque version:


Never the less, some of the Parisian centers that offer this marvelous piscicultural technique, offer a finishing touch by hand of which only the Thai masseuses possess the secret..

Sorry to inform you, but one is not permitted to enter these establishments armed with a fly rod.