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A few grouchy and doubting readers (certainly non-believers) inundated us with letters of insults after our brilliant reportage on dear Nikita Kruschev to whom we taught the rudiments of fly-fishing.

“What?” exclaimed these disciplines of Saint Thomas. “All of this sounds like tales you’d hear in a local bar… they try to lead us by the nose, but we’re not ready to swallow such silliness. Fleche is only a … (this is followed by a list of invectives that our decency and prudence prevents us from publishing on this site where good taste is always our guide.”

To these cynics I say that, not only did we introduce our noble sport to our friend Nikita, but also to his friend in arms, the well-known Vladimir Illitch Lenin.

The attached photo shows Lenin casting (with hesitation, of course) a roll-cast that earned him the energetic applause of his comrades in the #10 gulag (Aveyron).

I can already hear the detractors: “That’s easy, nothing proves to us that you are the teachers and, even less, intimate friends of this celebrated person.” That is when I disdainfully, but proudly, present the following document that should shut them up for good.

I consider the subject closed; we can finally return to our sunday siesta ritual.