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Veritable nightmare, that’s what airplane flights are, for someone like me who suffers from claustrophobia. Sometimes however, they become supportable; for me it happened on the Delta flight #433, (direction Portland, Oregon where I went to fish those fabulous rivers) and the following is the proof, if any is needed.

The lights in the cabin were slowly extinguished. The passengers squirmed around on their seats (of legendary discomfort), trying to find the best position to catch few hours of sleep.

By the end of an hour, unable to stay in my seat, I got up to stretch my legs. The little air pockets mixed with   the hum of the jet engines always awakens licentious thoughts in me. That’s simply the way it is! An irresistible call of nature. Walking down the central aisle of the plane, I sensed my own central aisle harden (what scientists call “Nocturnal penile tumescence”) also wanting to stretch.

At that moment, in the last seat on the right, I noticed an air hostess (a ravishing little blonde) fast asleep, with her mouth propped open.

I prudently sidled up to her, opened my fly and eased out my dick (it was as stiff as a hanged man) and inserted it into the mouth of this charming infant. The air-pockets helped and the divine operation was self-actualizing. At the end, the head of the hostess fell slightly to the side and I wiped the corner of her mouth with a paper napkin.

I returned to my seat and slept for the rest of the voyage, with the sentiment of a job well done. When the plane arrived in Portland and we prepared to leave the cabin, all the personnel lined up by the exit door to wish us, as is the tradition, an excellent visit and to express pleasure at their having served the passengers of Delta Airlines etc.

I recognized my lovely blonde hostess and said into her ear with great sincerity, “Thank you”. She looked me right in the eyes, slowly passed her tongue over her lips, winked and whispered: “Thank you, very much!”