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Recently we were raving about the last Scale, dedicated to a large extent to women in the (fly) fishing world. An enthusiasm that earned us a little comment by Jen Ripple, founder and editor-in-chief Dun, a fly fishing magazine I must confess I had never heard of. First of all, Dun is a real high quality job. Go have a look! The editorial line is clearly feminine, which doesn’t mean that it can only be read by women, much to the contrary. In my book, everyone will benefit from the development of the women’s view of the sport. And I do think there is a valid way of considering fly fishing from a gender perspective.

Besides, there will be exciting colleterals. Am I the only guy to have dreamt of planning the next fishing trip with my partner, in the role of a fishing buddy, not a selfless victim of my lunacy?

My daughter is 8 years old. She trains her fly casting with me. I’ll show her Dun, and if I’m lucky, some day we’ll go fish for Alaskan kings together, and maybe this day the guide will be a woman. Come on, guys, it’s time to print a copy of the magazine, and casually leave it on the coffee table…