As fly fishers we travel, a lot, of course some guys will tell you they never fish anywhere else but their river, but at Le Mouching, we are travelers. Here’s a great idea for all of you who are planning to come fishing and eating in France or a spanish speaking country (Cuba ? Argentina ?) as well as France or even Italy for the lucky ones who will be able to fish the Italian Alps (very useful in Slovenia too). Well here there are, a pack of three litte guides How To Read The Menu In France, Italy And Spain to all the serets of  their cuisine, not the secrets of cooking but to make you feel comfortable reading a menu ! Size of a credit card, you’ll carry thoses wherever you’ll travel, and if you don’t travel, it’s a cool gift anyways!


Joshua and her Long Way

« To go back now would be madness ». This is the message he sent to his editor, Golden Globe Challenge organization, to his wife, even to the whole world. And he sent it not anyhow, a watertight drum given to the Capetown pilot station ship, with video and audio recordings and writings and pics too… It was in March ’69. “Joshua is so happy at sea…I will not go back, maybe to save my soul too”. An illuminated man? Certainly not. Rather an adventurer, always looking for a wellbeing in accordance with elements, the sea. This is what Bernard Moitessier, sailor argued while he was close to win on board Joshua the first round the world sailing run, alone without neither assistance or stop.

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Later this run will become to the terrific Vendée Globe as we know it. Moitessier, an excellent sailor, as he was leading the race, decided to keep on sailing, that life at sea is the only acceptable for him. That he had no interest for another way of life. His wife, an experimented sailor too, would join him in South Pacific to live a different life, changing from Read more…

Tail — Issue 17

Tail Fly Fishing Magazine #17 is out. It’s full of beauty, exciting stories about tropical fishing. There’s a mahi-mahi fly that could also take a pike, some easy to generalize considerations about taking pictures of the fish, great advice on how to box your flies, and 5 remarkable stories by Captain Scott Hamilton. I always love the new Tail, and this number does not fail to deliver it’s full load of bright colors in your mind.

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A liar’s autobiography

To lie. Many fishermen indulge in the occasional lie. Not necessary skilfully. But there is one real great liar, with whom we would have liked to go fishing! And that’s Graham Chapman (the Doctor Chapman), delicious clown and Monty Python’s creator. He had an amazing idea before he passed (too soon) : to write his false-true-false autobiography: A liar’s autobiography. He wrote it with the help of a couple of friends. Well, they are all characters imagined by him and played by himself… such a concept.

Between true fibs and fictionalized realities Graham tells his life made of friendship, creativity and  craziness, but mainly humoristic genius.

His stories are guaranteed to please, from the one of the medical student, on “academic leave” in Reims and visiting Champagne vineyards, to the shooting and representation adventures with the Monty Python’s flying Circus…

From the beginning until the end of his show — or life, one gets lost — Graham had never stopped to be a fabulous clown. Even his funerals were funny…

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The flyfish Journal vol. 6 #3

The April issue of the Fly Fish Journal was in the mail yesterday. Fantastic photographic content, especially some amazing work by Damien Brouste. We’re used to see it on a screen, it’s a pleasure to see the pictures printed on luxury paper (FFJ is not joking about this). Very good stories too, I especially liked Culton’s year round striper calendar and Zoby’s brilliant piece . But what I liked best was the Editor’s note by Steve Duda. It’s short but with hi-impact.

Here’s what it says at some point:

“A few years ago, there was a panic of hand wringing and “think pieces” lamenting the end of fly fishing as we know it. Where are the kids? Who’ll carry on our storied traditions? Are we witness to the decline and death of all we love? The arguments were flabby and emotional, and said more about the writers than the real state of the sport.
The panic never really took and today, with the massive influx of youth into our sport, it just looks ridiculous.”

Well, just the right words for a Mouching ear. Get a subscription, the Fly Fish Journal is great for the coffee table, and for particularly nice sunday afternoon reads.


The book of books

Les livres de peche en francaisDid you ever thought about the amount of fishing books that have been written? It’s a real jungle, just check the Amazon page with “Fly fishing books”… so to see clearly in that jungle you have to ask around “which is the best book I should get”? And answers will be different from each person you’ll ask. In France, for once, we are lucky, “There is an App a book for that”! The book of fishing books! It’s in French and the books are mianly french books but it’s fun to have if you are a fishing junky and need all the paraphernalia that goes with it, get it! And anyway you’ll always impress you friends!  Bibliographie des ouvrages de pêche sportive en eau douce.

Tail Magazine — Issue 16

The March/April issue of Tail Fly Fishing Magazine is out. I can think of better ways to spend the lunch break on a painful Monday, but very few of them are practical, and in some cases you’ll end up in jail, or with a STD, or both. So it’s probably wiser to just sit with a cup of good coffee, and let the guys take you to amazing places. You’ll learn how to calculate the $/fish ratio (horrible), how to catch a bone in Thailand, how to chose sunglasses (you need them), how to science up your bone fishing, how not to despise the jacks (they’re amazing), and many many other invaluable things.


The Old-Time Small Shops of Paris

Paris, THE Paris you dream of; the one with the rare and unique little shops fillled with miscellania and memories, miles away from the mainstream and big box stores we see the world over. Within the pages of these books lays the soul of Paris. Discover special tiny places that have managed to survive through decades and in the culture of international retail chains. While other merchants were upgrading, finding ways to turn the old into new, these gems have remained the same for in some cases, centuries. And wouldn’t you know that among those boutiques there are three of our favorite stores here at Le Mouching!

Of course there is the venerable Maison de la Mouche, home-base for Parisians fly fishers, where we go as often as we can to get our gear or when we are looking for the fly tying material we need to tie our best streamer. We love the old fashion possibility to actually try and buy and we’d happily test their rods across the street on the banks of the Seine before handing over our credit card. The book also features Le Moulin de la Vierge, our go-to bakery with it’s incomparable bread and some of the best pasrties in town. Last but not least, A la ville de Rodez, where you can find and buy all the best from our dear Aveyron, the spiritual home of Le Mouching. Here you’ll find saucisse sèche, saucisson, tripoux, jambon cru and all of the extraordinary, meaty delicacies from the area of Rodez.  So if you ever come to Paris, Paris – Boutiques d’antan et de toujours is the book you need to have if you want to shop like a real Parisian, even more than a Parisian, un vrai parisien ! And guess what? This fantastic book is in French AND English! Written by Barbara Kamir – Pictures by Christian Sarramon.

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