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I want that car to go fly fishing! Specially made for Johnny Cash, of course it’s Black! What did you expect? Independent suspensions, full black leather, mint condition, this is Johnny Cash Rolls Royce, and it’s for sale. I’m sure you’ll take pleasure going fishing with it, I would if I could buy it! And if you winn the auction, be sure to make good use of the four speakers Voxson Stereo Tape player. Just wear black.  


The fantastic story of a life through the geopolitics of the second half of the 20th century. What a character, what a fantastic craftsmanship! From the mined borders of cold-war Hungary to the huge tarpons of Florida’s flats, here’s for you the epic tale of the week. One of those stories that leave your mind adrift when you hear them over an old whisky on a november night. Ted Juracsik, the Tibor man.




You want to buid a pop-up house by your favorite river or lake? Or wherever you want? Maybe this is going to be your next house! I wish I had a place to build it on. I love this house! And I can take two friends fishing with me too… 1 615 ft2 is big enough. (they also have a pop up office…) around 270$ for 10 ft2


You have enough of those fast action rods? You like “glass” but you want to go back to what fly fishing was, and add todays technique? We beleive Scott Rods has something in the shop for you… Made with Naoki Hashimoto, split-cane Japanese designer, Scott introduces a new serie of bamboo rods called SC (Split Cane), so if you like a smooth peacefull action, here’s the three piece you might want to get! Scott SC


Confronted with the impatience of all the fishermen who couldn’t stand it and who wished to go to the Mouching even while fishing, even if it was pouring, Simms reacted.

Those grumbling,  who couldn’t help any longer putting a Cuban playlist for a break on the boat, going and looking up some advice about a fishing-rod, or going devouring plenty of fish stories, were about to cool down at last!Then, of course, it will also help those who, as we do, take plenty of fish photos. It’s so well-done that touching the screen works perfectly without having to take your smartphone out of the 100% waterproof bag!

But mind, it’s out of question to receive calls on the riverbank! Get it there!

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Scale is out!!! The new issue is burning our eyes! The best magazine for spinning and fly fishing has just arrived in your screen to deliver your dosis of happyness. Don’t waist anymore time, just read itSCALE #14!


The Drake 9th FlyFishing VIdeo AwardsThe best of the best, la crème de la crème, that’s how we consider the films that are in The Drake FlyFishing Video Awards. We owe so much to The Drake that it is logical that you go on their website to spend sometimes watching all those films. Perfect for a Sunday and congratulations for Tom Bie and his friends to grant us the privilege to watch all those films. You should also suscribe because it’s just one of the best Fly Fishing paper mag!


It’s always difficult to buy flies on the web, you see a picture and most of the time you have no idea what they really loook like untill you receive your package. Of course when you buy main brands such as Puglisi or Rainy’s you can’t go wrong! I love the idea of this European shop (Spain Portugal France) Fly & Flies to show us what they have in stock and what the flies look like!


Let’s go to Mexico! Ascencion Bay, Permit Paradise, one of the best places to test a Salt Water fishing rod. We had the luck to cast the Salt Sage rod at EFFTEX and thought we’d love to take that rod fishing…somebody else did.