Scale #16 is out!

Scale #16. If you prefer you can also read it in German it’s native language, but it’s also in English. I don’t know about you but as far as I’m concerned I’m staying in bed with my laptop, it’s sunday after all!Scale#16

All in the pocket: Gerber Dime

The Gerber Dime, It has got everything, it’s small tough and darn usefull, enough to use it at the office at home or while you’re fishing! It’s so small you’ll use it as a key chain if you want, but don’t get me wrong, it’s a real tool, not one of those things you find in the Xmas crakers and you try to give it back as soon as possible. No, this is the right tool you want. even if you’re not in the outside, it’ll make you feel you’re out there!

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Paris Fly Fishing Show

PEES15We got some more tickets for you! Send us an email with PFFS15 in the title at this address, and you’ll be on the guest list! This offer ends wednesday night!

Le Bugiste

I’m a great believer in forums for any technical topic. I got countless pieces of premium info in forums concerning computers and software, jazz, cars, hi-fi, fly casting and fly tying, history of art… you name it. So, the place I go when I want to learn something about (French) knives is, as you can guess, a forum. The best one in my opinion is called Neoczen, and don’t ask me why. There I’ve learned plenty of useful and less useful things about knifelore. One place in which I regularly lurk is the corner dedicated to knife makers. One of my favorites is named Frédéric Maschio. He designs plenty of beautiful things, but there’s one knife I find particularly cool. It’s named “le Bugiste”, and when you see it you know you want to use it to slice your saucisson, spread butter and Roquefort cheese on a toast, or cut a walnut stick when you go for a walk. It’s the kind of blade you expect to find in the pocket of the brown corduroy pants of your grand father. And at around €110, it’s not even expensive for handcrafted unique piece.

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Cold hands

I’ve had some medical issues a couple of years ago, and now the blood flow in my hands is no longer what it was. Which means: my hands get easily cold. And when you’re out for a ten hours boat recon, searching for pike on a freezing winter lake, you’d better be prepared for cold hands or you’ll suffer. Been there, done that. So I need something to give me warmth. The A-Frame from Zippo is a cool option. First because it reminds me of the highschool years, when I lighted my Luckies with a Zippo, the smell of the fuel mixing with the first puff in the the cold Thursday morning air, just before math class. Second because it’s cheap, efficient and durable. It will take some time to take full control of it, and it smell like fuel, but that’s ok, I take that over freezing hands anytime. It looks damn cool too.

zippo aframe

Chuck Buck

We all have or had a “Buck”, most of us the Folding Hunter 110. Today, we are sad to learn that Chuck Buck, the owner of Buck knives passed away. He was a legend to all knives lovers, great blades, nice copper couleur great oily wood, all those  things that made Bucks some of the favorite  knives for hunters and outdoors lovers. I got mine in 87 when I was working in Africa, I still have it and love it. ONe of the best blades.

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Happy Valentine?

You forgot your Valentine? Not too late! Check our shop, I’m sure there’s a shirt you’d like to offer! We ship France for free, Europe 3€, World Wide 5€.Mouching Shop

Martiini Lynx

The best of the best, the crème de la crème of Lapland blades, the kind that would make any Central-American machete jaleous for it’s so strong, a perfect grip for the hand. Hold this knife and you are in the middle of reindeer country, Santa Clausland, home of the big fat grayling, Lapland! This knife will turn you intstantly into a Sami. It’s hard to find better than this. In Lapland this knife is your best friend, when you get hungry while fishing, you don’t need to take a picnic with you, just salt and peppar, you cut some birch bark to light your fire, just pick up some dry sticks (it’s so cold in winter they are everywhere) to make embers, You catch a couple of graylings, you clean them with your blade, you use it too to carve a plate of wood, you grill your fish, use your knife as a fork, peal an apple and off fishing you go again! That’s why the Marttiini Lynx, is the best!

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