Victorinox Helmsman

[Dear friends, please welcome Simon Manatane, our new Mouching teammate. You know how we roll at the Mouching, so we thought it appropriate that, as an introduction to you, he should present you with his favorite knife. Ladies and gents, here comes… Simon’s knife!]

A good seaman always has a knife, and more if he is also a fisherman.

There was a time I hadn’t mine. On board of that small sailing boat, from Atlantic we were reaching Mediterranean Sea by the Canal du Midi, my friend dropped in my hands this knife. And keep it ! A Victorinox Helmsman, of course adapted to sea life.

Miles and miles passing, on board cargo ships across oceans or an fishing boat on lake in Ireland that knife never leave me. The point, the special shackle tool, so useful on a sailing boat, when the damn screw is locked by the rust or to catch the hook deeply placed in a pike mouth. And screwdrivers! Essential for small repairs on cargo’s engine or with my old Renault 4L.

But a knife is mainly a blade and that one…almost orgasmic to slice with it. I will never thank it enough when in Gdansk I had to cut a rope in emergency to clarify knots and knots in cooling plant hoses needed to our few engines still running good…and in Poland at winter time, even docked, it is always nice to keep air cond’ running. In fact all the engine room well working  was hold by that knife shot. And the special rope blade made the job. A pretty good job.

Never took special care of it, always asking more and more from this knife and it still shows no weakness, no corrosion, and the blade still sharp. In fact it is The knife for fishermen and seamen. My worst nightmare is to lose it.

If you get interested to get a real good knife Victorinox replaced the Helmsman with the Skipper, which comes with small plyers, good thinking there!

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Liberty Red


Spring is out so should you be! By the water, casting at any kind of fish you want but out there fishing! We have a few Pescador Shirts left… if you are in Europe, it’s a good deal. And what else would you wear but a Howler Bros Shirt anyway, aren’t you cool? Get yours before they’re all gone! Shipping is free in France and is 5€ for Europe. Pescador Liberty Red

The book of books

Les livres de peche en francaisDid you ever thought about the amount of fishing books that have been written? It’s a real jungle, just check the Amazon page with “Fly fishing books”… so to see clearly in that jungle you have to ask around “which is the best book I should get”? And answers will be different from each person you’ll ask. In France, for once, we are lucky, “There is an App a book for that”! The book of fishing books! It’s in French and the books are mianly french books but it’s fun to have if you are a fishing junky and need all the paraphernalia that goes with it, get it! And anyway you’ll always impress you friends!  Bibliographie des ouvrages de pêche sportive en eau douce.

Spring Shopping

You don’t know Huckberry yet? First it’s an awesome blog, in many topics but always the kind we find intersting and fun, mainly orientated on the outdoor’s life but once you suscribed it also becomes an online store where you can find a selection (a wise selection) of gear at sale’s price! Check their spring selection for fly fishing! Just sign up.Huckberry

Got juice?

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Probably the most clever invention for us, the ones who are always by the water and using cameras, cell phones and all the devices that requires electric energy. It’s exactly what we needed! A micro powerplant small enough we can carry it whever we go in our gear pack, just put the propellar in the current and it’ll turn and produce electricity up to 10 hours! Probably works the same behind a boat! Blue Freedom is the kickstarter of the year!

The Cupboard

My wife hates me for that, so did my parents or my flatmates… my house has always been filled with thousands of fly fishing gear, magazines, rods, flies, shoes, waders, nets… wherever I have been, I have been like an hoarder, unable to stash my gear somewhere. my gear stays where i drop it. Usualy on the floor in the hallway. But that’s over! Well… it could be over if I wanted it.. but for the ones who are really tidy, and like order, there is a small French comapny “Fly Fishing Home Concept” that makes the perfect fly fisherman’s cabinet! Handmade in wallnut or oak, it’s specially organized so you can have all your fishing material, gear, clthes, books, nets, rods, reels, flyboxes at hand and ready to go, and when you feel the urge to tie flies, there is a tying desk in it with littel drawers to organize everything you need! Check it out.

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Fly fishing at Filson’s

Jackets, vests, bags, liners, we know Filson for the quality of their products, there are no waders anymore, but their Fly Fishing collection has a lot to offer! FIlson

Since 1993

Good films don’t need us to write anything about them, they speak for themselves, specially when they are made to make you buy more stuff! But it’s always good to know where and how we spend our $€¥£!! In that field Patagonia leeds the way…