A new rod for Xmas! That’s what we all dream of, and many of us have bought the Loop Cross S1 which at the time (and still is today) was one of hte best rods you could get, with it’s new M3 based composit the blank was one of the first to offer speed, light weight, precision and strentgh, you could cast with a heavy line for hours without feeling that you were, for instance catsing a #10! But that was “before”, because now Loop comes up with a entirely new rod, the SX! It’s not tremendously different than the S1, it’s a newer generation, it’s a very fast action rod, very light and very precise on shooting. Built from nano-resin and high tensile carbon, the new Loop Cross SX is giving to fly fishiermen the opportunity to cast for hours withoutany effort. But not only, the rod is (after two years of tests) holding the fish and making the fight pretty easy, because we all know that casting is not the only thing we ask from a rod! The Cross SX comes in a wide range from 9′#5 to 10′#8 in single hand and from 12’4″ #7 to 14′#9 in double-hand.

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Blank in aesthetic matte smoke finish.
High-grade cork handle with Cork mix reinforcements
Triangular 3-pin aluminum reel seat in Gun Metal finish
Titanium stripper guides
Patented E-coated snake guides for minimal friction, generates higher line speed and longer casting. Made in USA
Delivered in aluminum tube and cloth bag
Designed and developed in Sweden

Fly Fishing Show @ Paris

You’re around Paris in January? Come over to the Fly Fishing Show will be held South of Paris at about 50 km. We’ll be there, waiting for you, there also will be plenty of fly fishing shops showing the latest gear, there will be some travel agents, and much more!fly-show


You’ve been in your boots all day long, your feet have been roting in your waders for ours, you’re back home and you need  some real R&R, so here’s for you direct from Denmark the famous Glerups! The slipper/shoe that’s going to make your feet happy! Once you will try them you won’t be able to let go… they’ll become part of yourself, they are warm, elegant, and comfortable, what else do you need? And you can get them in a calfskoin sole or, for the ones who really want to go out wearing them in a rubber sole! Choose yours! You can get them at Glerups usa or at Glerups Denmark.

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Wychwood, fly fishing lines

English based brand Wychwood, is launching a new serie of fly fishing lines specialy made to ease our choice. In other brands the lines have weird names and numbers, often not really related to what we want to use the line for. Whychwood has made it easy for us, tall of their lines have a real name and a specific destination.

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Feather Down Floater : A great choice for river or stillwater fishing where accuracy and delicate presentation are a must.

Rocket Floater : Ideal for fishing from a drifting boat, or on the bank where punching a line into a headwind is required.

Little Dipper : Just the ticket when you need a line that crosses the floater-sinking line divide, offering great control from boat or bank.

Big Dipper : A longer, sinking tip section allows the flies to fish at a different angle from the shorter Little Dipper. It will also get deeper down in the water column.

Hoverer : This has the ability to hold your flies in the zone for far longer due to its very slow sink rate.

Ghost Intermediate : A superb all-rounder, this line has the ability to enhance your catch rate on all manner of stillwater fishing situations.

Mid-Zone : This is the perfect small stillwater sinking line, which will work extremely well when it comes to fishing everything from nymphs to lures.

Low-Zone: This is a line that’s tuned to fishing large individual lures or even teams of flies at depth with very little effort.

Deck-Zone : For reservoir the angler – and anyone who has access to deep water.

River Nympher : The ultimate fly line for all manner of river fishing applications where delicacy and finesse are required.

Simms + Warriors & Quiet Waters

Simms WQW Limited EditionThere are waders and waders you buy and wear for a reason, or a cause. Simms supports Warriors and Quiet Waters and makes a G3 Guide Special Limited edition which benefits will go and support the cause. Take a look at them and we suggest you get one!

Fancy Style

There it is, Autumn. Great. The sun goes down early, it is getting cold, it is the time for soup in fact. When you come back from fishing –or from the office, it works too– what can be better than a huuuuge chabrot to warm up a frozen dude? What? You do not know what it is? You do not practice it? I tell you what… it’s the top of the swag. Wait till you’ve almost finished your plate of soup, and just pour a generous amount of wine in it. It will get warm and delicious, and clean your plate (because, obviously, wine cleans up everything). Now, you empty your plate! Bottoms up! Feel the hot mix of soup and wine warm you up and comfort you. At Le Mouching, we simply love that — even if we try to exercise moderation and not to not get drunk with a single soup… All you need is to get rid of the beret and put on your Mouching trucker cap’s  –because naturally you bought one– and you’re ready to shine and amaze in any fancy dinner!


Howler Epic Giveaway

Entrants just have to submit their name and email address to be entered. Winner takes all:
- Custom Howler x Epic Fiberglass Fly Rod (8wt)
- Topo x Howler Klettersack 15L
- $250 gift card for Howler Brothers website

Winner will be announced 11/20.

Super simple link:  howlerbros.com/winHowler_x_EpicContest_Header_2_bbae98c0-0deb-48d7-bf92-fcb2de0e3350_2048x2048

The Anti-Duffle!

When it comes to bags we are very fussy, we want the best, and we do’nt want the same as everyone else. So when we saw the Anti-Duffle from Launch Pack we just said to ourselves we NEED one! We need one because it’s a clever bag, and the if like us you’ve used duffles, you know how we hate to stash everything in a huge pocket and than have to look for hours something we’ve just put on the top… So here it is, you can have separated goods in the pockets, wet or dry gear and even use it as a mat when you’re getting geared up or down… and when you get that special Trout Edition, it gives you a one year membership to Trout Unlimited (value 35$)This is the bag I want on my Xmas list (129$)!

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This Is Fly #54

54, sounds like paaaaarty and disco dancing in the eighties! But there is much more than that in the latest This Is Fly issue! there is love, a love that’ll neverrrr stop, the love of fly fishing! A love that’ll never die, I tell you, just check this, love of fishing is pouring from your screen, it goes straight to your soul, you cannot escape it, you cannot avoid it, it’s grabbing your heart and will never let it go. You better accept it, there is no reason to fight it. Just enjoy reading issue 54, it’ll take you from big nassive trout to the biggest poons on the fly, you just want to read it, youu need love and love it is ! Long Live This Is Fly!This Is FLy 54

Jet Boil Minimo

Say you’re into hiking. Maybe you go for multiple days trips in the mountains with your kids (I do). So you’ve got to cook something hot because it’s good to keep everyone’s spirits up, but you can’t pack too much weight. And you need an efficient way to get the noodles’ water boiling. Or to get the soup simming without burning it. That’s exactly what the Jet Boil Minimo will let you do. It’s light (415g), contains a good .8 liter, it’s easily packable, impressively efficient and generally well thought. It won lots of praise all over the internets, and there’s plenty of impressive demos on the tube. And since you’re a Mouchinik, you’ll want style, and you’ll get some: the cup comes in various colors, some of which are cool. Last year I ditched my old stove for being heavy and incompetent with the wind. The Minimo will be next, although it costs an arm and your left testicle.

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Allen Trout II

There you go, you can start filling up your Xmas cart! To do so, here’s the new Allen Trout II, a light (5.4 in line 5) built from a barstock aerospace aluminium, tough it comes in several colours, there is surely one you would like! But lets talk serious, the drag is awesome and the disc is sealed to be protected by everything that could get in the way… and it’s cheap, for what it is, 139$!

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Lifeproof FRĒ case

We all love to take pictures while fishing, but we all hate to carry a camera.. today our phones are often as good as a any compact camera, but although they are that good (specialy if you have the iPhone 6s) we are scared to pull them out of our waders to take a picture… and with instagram, you want to use your phone as a camera! So we’ve been reading and reading gear reviews and it came down to that: the best waterproof case is the LifeProof FRĒ… and it comes in several funky colours too, you wont have to get it in black. The other good thing about it is that it’ll not only protect your phone but you’ll have a better grip and even a netter one if you use the LifeProof FRĒ Power that would also provide you with an extra battery. Now you’ll have no excuse not to post your fishing pictures on Mouchinx! 

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We are so happy to have 6000 fans on Facebook that we are celebrating this with you by puting the caps on sale! Get yours at -15%! First come first served.

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Anglers Pinte

A pint, but not any pinte, the Angler’s Pinte, the pine that’s a bit bigger than the usual pinte, because we always need “more”! But that’s not it, it’s exactly what we need something that the other’s don’t have, it’s Karen Talbot’s  art that we can find on those pints, and not only you would be able to toast to your favorit fish (brown trout, brook trout, striped bass) or the classic fly Jigger or even the regular handpainted collection glass! To get more info and support the idea, just join the kickstarter campaign!

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