Scale #18

At eighteen, you can do whatever you do, you have k now reached the age of experiments, you can go wild and make your own mistakes, no one is there for backup anymore, and at eighteen there is that inner strentgh that no one else has, the world is yours and everything is available, you just have to go and get it! So happy #18 Scale Magazine! And this issue (as every Scale issue) rocks! As usual it’s offering us the best of both worlds, and that’s why we love it! But watch out because in Southern Europe and soon on a larger scale, more kids are leaving lures to embrace fly fishing! Anyway, you want to have fun and enjoy a real adventure? Read it!


This Is Fly #53

What’s best affter you had your summer holiday but to dive again in what is the crème de la crème of LE fly fishing? Yes! You got it right! This Is Fly, #53! The latest issue, how don’t know how to call it, The Fall Issue? The Summer’s end issue? Yes, I think the Summer’s end issue suites it really well, ther is still some fishing to do and fall isn( here yet! Anyway call it what you want, I’m reading it!

TIF #53

Glasses made of fishnet

You know how we care for our oceans, for the animals who live in them therefore we always have an eye on everything that sounds or looks helpfull to save or protect nature. And today we want to introduce you to one of the best kickstrter there is this week: Bureo. Bureo is known for skateboards made of fishnets but today Bureo is lauching a new product : Glasses made from recycled fishnets! Isn’t that a cool idea? Lenses are Karl Zeiss Polarized, nets are from coast of Chili, project is great!

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Poler Camera Cooler

The best for your camera, you”r going on a fishing trip and you don’t want to stash your camera with all the rest of your gear, that’s when you’ll need the Poler Camera Cooler, big enough for your DSLR + a 2nd lens and some extras, or a DSLR with a heavy lens and some extras, but why “Cooler”? Well when you’r not using it as a camera bag, you can always stash 4 cans in it, and they’ll stay cool because of the foam that is used to protect your camera!  Some colours are on sale for 35$, regular price is 65. And the V2 is 56$ !

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Fish light !

Couple days ago, at Le Mouching headquarter I was explaining to Laurent “about the sensual and delicate art to fish wearing only a speedo”. Yep, it is a nice sensation for sure. But you must drop down your stuffs anyhow somewhere. No need to go far… Patagonia has the answer! This hip pack: you can keep it tenderly close to your cozy belly or if you want to preserve your so nice summer tanning, you can switch it to the side, by your hip. Well even if you do not have in mind the crazy and stupid idea to fish specially in speedo, this hip pack is the exact one needed for hiking, really light, straight to the essential! And this is also what we like. Oh… I need it for this sunny august ahead!

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The Fly Pry multitool

You thought you already had the ultimate tool? So did we, until we’ve found the Fly Pry! Fly? Because you can attache it to a zipper! It’s small (like a quarter), tough (Titanium) and supa cool (comes in plenty of colours).We ordered one, you will probably do the same. We strongly suggest you visit their Kickstarter page to really understand what we are talking about! Fly Pry

GoPro 4

Go Pro 4While we were busy working on Le Mouching, we almost missed one of the most important news for all of you flyfishing filmmakers, the new Go Pro 4, everyone talked about it, you probably have seen it on every website, but as fly fishing film specialists, we had to remind you that you can get the top of the range camera made for adventure! But please, please, please, never forget that this jewel of a camera can become your worst enemy… just think about it when you shoot: what are you going to edit and what will your film look like? We don’t want to get sick (and bored to death) anymore by watching a whole film shot with a Go Pro from the head or from the chest of a fisherman!

Lighter multitool

We always need them, wherever we go, a lighter to start a fire, to burn nylons or to light a cigar and a pocket knife for everything. What about getting both at the same time? That’s when Coleman’s multi tool lighter comes handy. And talking about lighters, it’s more than a lighter it’s almost a blow torch! As for the tools: you get a knife, a can opener, a saw and a file! I’m sure this is going to become your best friend and you’ll never be able to go anywhere without it! A must have!Coleman's lighter multitool