For some of you, Solid Advenutres doesn’t mean a thing, others know it’s one of the best fishing travel company with exclusive destinations, but what the major part of people don’t know is that behind Solid Adventures, there is a man, the man who created Loop, the charismatic Christer Sjöberg! Christer has new ideas and projects all the time and the bags are his latest one! Christer being a traveler and an entrepeneur you can be sure that you will get the best!  This is the Destiantion 130 bag, sepcially designed for your fishing trips, every compartment is made to ease you life, and the bottom part is made to receive your precious rods (9ft 4 pieces) and reels. they come at 545$. All specs HERE !

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There is a website I love to visit, Everyday-carry, part because of voyeurism, part for curiosity. Their lay out is great, sober and esthetic. It’s a webpage that some might not find very usfefull but I find a lot of inspiration by scrolling its pages. Do like us and check what’s in the others people pockets and bags, what everyone is carrying daily. Should we do the same on Le Mouching and post what flyfishermen have with them all the time?



Allen FamilyThe Allen family wishes you happy summer holiday!


If gold diggers hikking to the Klondike would have had those Filson bags, it would have made their live easyer. But it’s never too late! You can have yours eased by that new edition of waterproof bags! You’ll keep your stuff dry, well the first one, the Dry Messenger Bag is not 100% waterproof as the others are, the Dry Back Pack will help you to hike under severe weather. The  Duffle bags , coming in 3 different sizes will keep your gear dry in the back of your truck or in the canoe or on the tarmac.

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It was worth waiting one month! It’s like if being delayed was their trademark, letting us imagine the worst. We all know how press, wether it’s web or print, is fragile and always depending on advertising! For the 1rst of July we can open the June issue! We love it! It’s like going fishing, we don’t really know whether or when the fish is going to bite! But look at that issue! Filled with dreams we never thought of, always surprising us, always taking fly fishing further than we thought! Reading This Is Fly is always a master class of graphic design and lay out, do you really realize you are getting THE BEST for free? How lucky are we? Standards are changing everyday in the fly fishing world and the new standards are often set by those guys. Enjoy, and send them an email to show your gratitude!


Howler Bros, the brand that bring the “Cool” into flyfishing apparel. This is the anti grey shirt, grey face, grey mind… we only wish we would see more colours by the waters (aren’t fish colourblind? This film is a promo for their Pescador shirt, we know that, but it’s Shot by RC Cone who shot Tributaries and re-edited a few scenes to offer us this gem!   


[next part EFTTEX]… the super realistic flies from J-Son, the new fly collections from Turral and FullingMill that are more and more targeting new species (especially carp), the very welcoming Costa and Buff stands, our friends of Scale and FishMe, Rudi Heger and the super waterproof Patagonia bags that he loves so much, Christer Sjöberg and his trips, and all this with crazy casting sessions with Eric Arbogast!!!

Fulling Mill
Fullin Mill
Eric Arbogast
Turral flies
Rudy Heiger
Christer Solberg
Le Mouching
Jerome Servonnat
Eric Arbogast


Selected samples of the EFTTEX 2014 in Brussels !! Two new rod series by Sage (the Salt succeeds to the Xi3, the Accel succeeds to the VXP), an updated series at Redington’s (the Vapen Blackwith its very interesting handle) and very good quality clothes, new low-stretch flylines at Rio’s (ConnectCore), the Pure rods at JMC’s, and the Jensen flyrods…

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While at EFFTEX we had the luck to meet Simon Gawesworth “Mister Line” from Rio, we talked about density, stretching, colours and new lines to come, we could have stayed hours… If you’ve never fished the tropics and this opportunity comes up, sometimes you’re totally lost facing an ocean… of gear!!! To help us fishermen, Rio made this excellent video introducing their products so we can understand which ones fit which conditions for bonefish. Follow Simon Gawesworth, the wizard, make your choice!


“The Furturiste” from Douris Chastel, the famouse blade maker from Thiers (Thiers is to knives what Bordeaux is to wine). A knife that is so beautiful, you want ot use it all the time, you want to pull it out of your pocket to spread “paté” on your bread, you want to use it to cut “saucisson”, you want to use it to slice th bread, open a cork, pick mushroom… evrything! It’s strong, thick and at the same time it looks slim, it holds well in your hand, made of cow horn or wood, the body is beautiful. Our choice goes to the one made in grey horn, so elegant. But you’ll only find it at Berthier, we chose the 3 piece one but you can pick the 2 piece one (blade and corkscrew). I know father’s day was last week, but I’m sure you’ll find a way to get that knife or offer it to somebody! 

Le Futuriste, Douris-Chastel
Le Futuriste, Douris-Chastel
Le Futuriste, Douris-Chastel
Le Futuriste, Douris-Chastel