Here’s a new webpage that all of us is going to be checking daily, or at least everytime something is posted! Escapads is an international website about adventure based in France, wether you are a surfer, hiker, skiier, cyclist, trekker, fly fisher, in two words; an outdoor’s man, Escapads is made for you! It has the best of all the good stories from the best dedicated and it as also a store where you can get, simply the best! Chesk it out, you’ll be hooked!

Stripee Finger

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Two fingers! This Stripee finger guard is the one you need, nothing to do with the usual finger guard we’ve been using until now. The Stripee is much more than a regular finger guard, first you slip two fingers in it, because when you strip you need your two fingers, than the inside is made of felt, which not only prevent your fingers from being cut by the line, but also cleans the line as you stripp! Just throw them in the whashing machine to clean them. They are tough, amazingly useful and you want to have them.

Tenkara + Topo Design

TopoTheir bags are great, their shirts are rad, their gear is awesome. Topo Design, always raising the standards a little higher than usual. This time they come out with a new hip pack specialy made for tenkara, including a pouch for the line, all of this in exquisit colours. But that’s not all! There is also a rod from Tenkanara rod Co to match the bag! It’s cool, we love tenkara, we like Topo, it’s the perfect match. And if you don’t fish Tenkara, you still can get the hip pack!

Pêches Sportives, website!

At last the famous French fishing magazine Pêche Sportives has redone its website, much easyer to read, you’ll find different categories, fly fishing, fishing with lures and everything that we need as curious fishermen! Don’t forget that Pêches Sportives is probably the best magazine regarding the protection of our waters, they always fight the long battle of the well being of our rivers and our fish! Go check it out! Pêches

Field & Fish V2

Here’s the new Field and Fish website, a new logo, a new layout, good products. Check it out! Field&Fish

Father’s day

Howler Bros

What’s better for father’s day but to get dad a real Pescador shirt or any other swag from Howler’s Brothers treasure trunk ! Pescador Howler

This Is Fly #52

Woohooo! You were looking for something to get you horny? Naaa, don’t think about those mags just read the latest This Is Fly #52! This new issue, is going to keep you up all night long and even more! Special perk in this issue is a film on Tuna fishing on the French Riviera by our friends Pierre Lainé & Nicolas Duquerroy, but be sure to read the whoe mag, it’s bliss! This Is Fly #52

Volcom: Fly!

If you are a skateboarder, you already know what we’re talking about. Volcom is The brand with the diamond, the one every skateboarder has at least one product from. But it is mainly a fashion brand now. And since fly fishing is becoming really hype, they thought about us! Check out the new Holiday Collection! It’s on Hardcloud and it’s been scouted by our reader Thomas Mouré, big up!

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