Fly fishing at Filson’s

Jackets, vests, bags, liners, we know Filson for the quality of their products, there are no waders anymore, but their Fly Fishing collection has a lot to offer! FIlson

Since 1993

Good films don’t need us to write anything about them, they speak for themselves, specially when they are made to make you buy more stuff! But it’s always good to know where and how we spend our $€¥£!! In that field Patagonia leeds the way…


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The Pescador shirt!

Howler Bros, PescadorYou can fish wearing whatever you want, but you’ll only be a Pescador if you wear the Pescador shirt from Howler Bros! The only shirt that’ll meke you look really cool from rivers to the flats and boogie woogie all night! Not only you’ll look super cool, but you’ll have real pockets to stash your sndwhich, flybox or cigar pouch!

For your eyes only!

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What is the one of the most important thing we carry when we go fishing? SUNGLASSES ! We cannot do anything without them and we want the best for our eyes! All of us have started with shitty ones we bought for a fistful of dollars and we all ended with comfortable serious “pro” sunglasses because our eyes are to important for us not to be treated with the best! And of top of that, isn’t the most imortant for a fly fisherman but to see the fish? So here it is for you : you take top top brands Smith optics for the lenses and Howler Bros for the look and you have on of the best sunglasses you can go fishing with (and more…) Smith Optics brings their top of the range Chromapop and Howler Bros made the best looking bodies…and here’s the Smith X Howler Collection!

The Old-Time Small Shops of Paris

Paris, THE Paris you dream of; the one with the rare and unique little shops fillled with miscellania and memories, miles away from the mainstream and big box stores we see the world over. Within the pages of these books lays the soul of Paris. Discover special tiny places that have managed to survive through decades and in the culture of international retail chains. While other merchants were upgrading, finding ways to turn the old into new, these gems have remained the same for in some cases, centuries. And wouldn’t you know that among those boutiques there are three of our favorite stores here at Le Mouching!

Of course there is the venerable Maison de la Mouche, home-base for Parisians fly fishers, where we go as often as we can to get our gear or when we are looking for the fly tying material we need to tie our best streamer. We love the old fashion possibility to actually try and buy and we’d happily test their rods across the street on the banks of the Seine before handing over our credit card. The book also features Le Moulin de la Vierge, our go-to bakery with it’s incomparable bread and some of the best pasrties in town. Last but not least, A la ville de Rodez, where you can find and buy all the best from our dear Aveyron, the spiritual home of Le Mouching. Here you’ll find saucisse sèche, saucisson, tripoux, jambon cru and all of the extraordinary, meaty delicacies from the area of Rodez.  So if you ever come to Paris, Paris – Boutiques d’antan et de toujours is the book you need to have if you want to shop like a real Parisian, even more than a Parisian, un vrai parisien ! And guess what? This fantastic book is in French AND English! Written by Barbara Kamir – Pictures by Christian Sarramon.

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Howler Gaucho Constellation

That’s it! The Howler Bros Spring collection has arrived and among all the new shirts, here’s our favorite one : The Gaucho Constellation! Just the name is a call to travel! t’s magical, once you put it on and you would be instantly transported by the river under the Patagonian skies! But keep in mind this awesome shirt will also make you look really good if you wear it in the evening under the palm trees dancing the night away!

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Eagle Tac

Eagle TacAlways useful since we don’t always carry our phones (which are now much more than phones…) when we go fishing! The EagleTac D25A2 Mini XP-G2 LED Flashlight  is exactly what we need, powerfull enough (LED) to  walk you to the car at night, easy to pack because it’s slim and has it’s own holster, ond you can wear it on your shirt, your pocket, your cap thanks to a storng  clip!  Fits great in the hand, and has a nice balck look which makes it sexy! A must! Needs 2 AA batteries

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