Ari'T Hart

For me Ari ‘t Hart (ATH) reels have always been a kind of dream, and a model. A model because they represent the best of what can be done by pushing design out of simple and proven formulae, by embracing an uncompromising and proud modernity. I confess such an attitude, whether in architecture or design, talks directly to may heart, and it is at the very core of all ATH reels. Hence the dream, because when one goes so far in conception and realisation, one produces objects of legend, reels one dreams to hear some day singing under a big fish’s pull.

 You don’t get a word of what he says? Neither do we! But still, it’s fascinating. And there’s an ATH reel engraved “Big Bollocks”, that must count for something too.

And for those who would like to buy a second hand one (really hard to find a new one), here’s a website who has a lot in stock, if you have the means…


When a new brand of sunglasses comes on the market we’re all over it, specially if this brand is backed up by Zeiss lenses! Zeiss lenses, yes by Carl Zeiss, the same brand that does the fantastic lenses… So they are launching their own brand for fishing glasses. And knowing the quality of their lenses it might be a major change in the fishing sunglasses world. A little competion is always good for the customer. There are two models of glasses : Premium Series and Titanium Series. Feel free to check Lenz Optics website and choose which one will suit you best, the Premium or the Titanium !

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We are going to party this week-end at La Maison de la Mouche!! We announced the program last week, and now we have only three days to wait to see beautiful gear and talk about fly casting. We see you there? Alright? Perfect!


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Pictures: Antoine Kopff


When you walk in the rainy woods, the muddy trails, the slush, well wherever you want to have your feet dry you need a good pair of shoes. But some do’nt want to wear wellington‘s or rubber boots, they want the hype swag! We’ve find it for you the PF Hi Pres! It’s in canvas + rubber it’s got a cool look and it will suite feet from the country to the city! 99$.

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80 years!! la Maison de la Mouche is 80-year young this year and for this, Alain et Noémie organize a big event during the 15 and 16th of November and everybody is invited to come and say hi. Stefan Schmid from FlyfishEurope will be there to present the Scientific Anglers flylines, the Scott rods, the Simms clothes and the WaterWorks-Lamson reels and Marco Crippa will show us the Swiss CDC fly tying products. And when you will know enough about gear, come and join Thibaut Giband, FFPML instructor, for casting demonstrations and lessons at the upstream point of the île St Louis on the Seine river! Who will be there? We will!!



Patagonia DuvetCruel dilemma for all of us who love to pread some foie-gras on a slice of bread.. It’s true foie gras is so good you can close your eyes on the way it”s made, but the reality is that it’s not very.. geese friendly. As a kid ,I remenber my neighbor catching her geese one after the other, blocking them in between her knees, shoveling down their throat the funnel and cranking the corn down and once they were fed, the geese would go back to the end of the barn as if they were drunk. And than there is down. The one tht keeps us warm so light you don’t even feel you’re wearing it. Of course it has nothng to do with the thick warm down we put in the “duvet” covers to keep us warm at night. No. Here we are talking about the “crème de la crème” of the duvets, the very special one that Patagonia puts in its down jackets. What’s better than a little cartoon to explain where the down is coming from. And we hope that we will be forgiven to have eaten all that foie gras for years, that from now on we will wear Patagonia Dawn and that it will save us from urning in hell! And if you want to go on the path of redemption, wha tbetter way to get the new Puff Jacket, it’s awesome, light and warm, and feels like a second skin! Chin up, you’re buying goose friendly down!


Poils aux genoux ! I realised that while fishing cold waters, my knees were very sensible to low temperatures and that with a knee protection I could stay longer in the water, fish more, have more fun! So I started to look for the best knee protection, or knee warmer I could find and I came accros plenty of them, I could not choose, until I found the ones I’m posting you. They are so comfortable and thanks to them comfy little hairs I can kneel by the river and pray Saint Rita, patroness of Impossible Cases! Have a good wading!


As kids, we’re all waiting for “that” moment, the day where we get our first knive, our first blade, as a grown up. We’re going to hold it tight in our hand, we are going to look at it for hours, lighting up the room in the miidle of the night to be sure it’s there on the bedside table, and play with it a little more, checking the blade… we all remenber that first knove. Major gift in our life, the gift that says you’r not a kid anymore, you’re becoming an adult but it’s not over yet…Be Brave, being a teenager sucks…Here’s the blade: Be Brave and True

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