Sometimes in life, you get it all at once… Just the other day, I was having a talk with my friend Jacky (El Yack) over a Partagas and a pitch black espresso when he lay it on me. “I’m Cuban now”, he said. “What?”. He explained that from now on and no later than immediatly … he will be Cuban ! Cuban ??!!! Jacky  ? Our Jacky ?! The one who brought me to the heart of Patagonia? The fine flyfisherman of the Stora Laxa‘s salmon? The Frenchy from Umpqua, the king of bones from Las Salinas, the Prince of Aubrac, the Ambassador General of flyfishing ? Cuban !!! I couldn’t believe it. As soon as I stomached losing my compadre next door, I realized what an opportunity it presented! Cuba is always in our hearts and now we are more connected than ever: We are going to open a Mouching Embassy in Havana !!!

We were lost in the fantasy and sinking deeper into our sofas when suddenly he stood up, waving his arm, walking across the room excitedly: “You have no idea ! I just read the best guide ever written on Cuba!! And I’m not saying A guide, I’m talking about THE BOOK!!”.  He was animated but I was falling deeper into my Cuban fantasy. I fell asleep in a cloud of cigar smoke and the fairies of flysfishing, dancing salsa, carried me away in an orgy of rythm and soul… As soon as I woke up I ran to the main bookstore and walked out with the precious guide in my hands, CUBA by Sara Roumette,  I was carrying it against my chest like a treasure. As I was back at “Le Mouching Residence”, I opened the first page and already the sounds from the street are different…it’s Havana knocking at my ears, I instantly felt the heat of the cuban nights, where the gentle breeze brings in mambo rhythms. Suddenly I was there, surrounded by my Cuban friends, the sounds of dancing and dominos players shuffling their tiles like music. I’m Cuban too.  [vimeo]

This guide from Sara Roumette is the best you can get , and we know what we are talking about. This isn’t a guide that will send you to massive tourist traps or overdone, over visited,  unauthentic places. Nope. This guide will make you downright Cuban ! So next time you go tickeling tarpon in Cuba… please stay an extra week, just to be Cuban, it’s magical !