When I was a wide eyed 14 year old babe in the woods, I was given a ticket to freedom: an “Interail”  pass; a pass that allowed for unlimited train travel throughout Europe for a month. With just a fishing rod in my backpack, I headed for Scandinavia with a couple of friends. We went straight to Lapland where I was first bitten by the “bug” that still devours me today. It developed into a full blown virus called Fly Fishing! It took over my body and my mind. It made me want to travel the globe to satisfy it. Ugh, what a pain ! How cruel is this torture! How deep is this obsession. Here I am, in the silence of the Mouching’s office. It’s Sunday, I’m alone, all the secretaries are away, and I’m am watching this film over and over and it makes me ask myself: “what am I doing here?”.  It makes me want to do nothing more than go fly fishing, somewhere far away! It makes me want to forget about all of you and all the stupidities I share day in, day out. Enough ! I want to go fishing, I want those fishing trips, I want to be that kid again, with a ticket to freedom in my pocket and nothing to hold me back. I want to sing and dance with my friends, I want to sleep under the stars, rocked by the sound of the winds in the palm trees, I want to feel the cold stinging my face, burned by the tropical sun, I want to hear the singing reels, to fish dancing, I want to feel in my hands the sweet carress of the skin of the fish as I release them. I want to be exhausted from going up and down the river, I want to eat grilled fish on willlow bark by the river bank. I WANT IT ALL !! I am a flyfisherman, I am a wild man, I love to travel the world to catch Patagonian trout, Venezualian bones, Cuban tarpon, Slovenian marmorattas, Pacific steelhead, graylings from Lapland. [vimeo https://vimeo.com/38716282]