The other day at Le Mouching headquarters, after a hard day of work, we put feet up on the table, smoked a Partagas as big as a foreharm, drank Cuban rum that had probably seen the Spanish Inquisition and started to talk like a bunch of cynical motherfuckers. We were talking about how much we’ve started to despise those flyfishing films that all look alike…You know what I’m talking about: picture the drive, I gathering up the gear to go down to the river, the shaky shaky camera…the big moment when the dude catches a fish…all edited like a student film with hip-hop music…or worse: Carmina Burana or Wagner type shit….

But then we found this film by Scot Hinkel…that was exactly made the way we just trashed previously…and we loved it…
So you, readers, what do you think of all those films ? We would like to hear what you like or hate !