How I love this little film ! Nothing is happening yet everything is going on. It has all the elements we like, even if it’s as simple as just holding a fish in our hands and feeling it come back to life, sliding through our fingers and back to freedom, with a mocking expression that says “Dang! I’m outta here suckah !”. 
Well, that’s what I like. I love the sound of the water hitting the mike, to me it sounds like aquatic drums. It’s raw and I appreciate things for what they are, not because they are slick or savvy. We are all surrounded by art, it’s just the way we look at things that distinguishes the artists from those who merely exist unaware. I love this film much more than all the movies I’ve seen with their impressive camera moves and cranes, slow mo and time lapse photography (which usually goes hand in hand with a cheesy soundtrack).
What we have here in this film is a timepiece of raw art. Nothing slick. Nothing glossy. Keepin’ it real.