That’s the dirty word of the day ! Big Fat Yellow Carp ! If you manage to say it 4 times fast on this beautifull Friday, all your wishes will come true over the weekend ! That’s how we do it at Le Mouching. We are unbelievably kind (and sexy), which is why girls love us. And I’m sure that to watch a big fat carp like this one will cheer you up and make you want to go fishing those warm and muddy waters… Carp is the new cool ! And if you doubt it, watch Vilmo’s previous post and go barb fishing on dry !! (By the way, the next person who uses the Blak Keys as a soundtrack will be fed chum !! This also goes for the ones who only shoot with GoPro  as if it were a fire hose…) I French kiss you, as I would that carp if I had it at the end of my rod ! Peace.