Sometimes I would love to g fishing in my river, there, just a few yards away from my house, right at the watermill, right where I used to catch those little brown trouts from my childhood. When with my friends from the village we use to go and climb up and down the rocks to have fun catching those black torpedos, they would jump on our flies so fast we could hardly set the hook on time… But now, this is long gone… thaks to the agriculture policy and the amount of phosphorus they sprey to have better hay… do to the shortage of water because they are watering the corn fields and that no one ever stood and fought to protect our rivers. My chilhood trouts are long gone, and all I’m left with is the memory of happy chilhood days… SO when I saw this film about those guys catching brownies on the Reunion Island mountains, I was so happy for them ! I just spent 10 minutes of happyness watching a film so different frm the ones we are use to watch, I loved it. [youtube=]