Enzo Minardi is a photographer and a film maker devoted to lure & sport fishing. He has come with a new web magazine Fish Me written in french. The pictures are great and there is a lot of goodies like this video where french bait fishermen land a 7 foot catfish ! If you have never heard about those catfish (silure in french) we have in France, you will be… pretty amazed!!


The only fly fishing articles is from our casting master Jerome Servonnat. It talks about flies as lures with endless possibilities of patterns. Recently Jerome has come with new pike flies that looks really hot !!

The texture, the smoothness, those big hooks, some have this smart double hook… Oualala !  All of them are extremly well balanced with fluffy layers of bucktail and fibers by Puglisi, big eyes glued with epoxy : the whole stuff looks serious ! This little bas*** will try those fish magnets with the new S1 by Loop that he just received.

We are waiting for the fish pics now Jerome !