Our friend Frank is back on the road again for a serious and delightful challenge… a worldwide fly fishing trip.

Frank will explore most of the cultest fishing countries, find local buddies, explore remote waters, ride his bike, travel light and with a fly rod ! Frank will post articles oftenly… as soon as he is out of the bush. Few weeks ago Frank was spoted in the american Rockies. Mouching‘s worldwide backcountry tribe should welcome him warmly !

Due to a tricky weather I arrive in Manitoba without having fished yet. Time to get into serious things: Northern Pike The aim? Well, getting my first Pike on the fly for a start and then trying to get a big one without getting into the whole guiding/private pond/ fly-in fishing.

Up to an old webpage from the Manitoba Fly fishing Club I end up in the Nopiming Provincial park and reach my first goal rather easily.


Fortunately there a local generously offers to loan me his kayak for as long as I wish, up to him I can now immerse in the forest thru the canoe routes and search for more quiet places. I paddle up peaceful rivers, pitch my tent on islands and spend my days drifting the kayak along the weed beds.

Despite the heat a good’ol Chartreuse or red and white deceiver always gets some positive response from the numerous pikes that inhabits those waters. Not that big but caching ten in the afternoon makes it fun. (to be continued..)