Our Mouching Ambassador Frank is exploring waters in Canada..

A Sunday when the bass are aggressive below Tulabi Falls I carve a popper head out of an old chunk of wood and tie it in front of the deceiver, just for fun. I feel like the fish where waiting for it: they keep on smashing it, until, right between a weed patch and the fall I see a big pike literally flying in the air to smash my craggy popper.

Up to one of these miserable hook sets witch I hold the secret of I miss the opportunity and let the fish go. Both Upset and enthusiastic I take the drive to Winnipeg (300kms!) to get some decent poppers, without a chance. So I come back with some popper heads, cheap feathers, glue and hooks. So was born the Bush Popper.

By the frenzy was over and the popper never caught as many fish as the streamers did but doesn’t matter: I didn’t let go!