…That night we had left the farm to go to the Ashford’s, I felt that Lillian was not feeling very well. Was she suspecting something ? Did she pick up on the little game that was going on beetween Juliette an me ? Casualy smoking a cigarette looking at the bush by the opened window, almost turning her back at me, she didn’t say a word.

The rainy season was almost over and on the dirt road, the deep ditches left by the trucks filled were drying out little by little.  Driving down that road, I felt like I was on The Cyclone at Coney Island but in the middle of Kenya. I was trying to think about what Lillian was day dreaming about. Her wrist attracked my attention, I noticed she was not wearing the bracelet I gave her on our honeymoon anymore… Like me, she knew it was the end.

The car started to skid off the road. I steadied the steering wheel. ” Dang!”. We were stuck on the top of a dirt mound. I tried to go backward, forward. Nothing. Nothing. We were stuck. Lillian took this opportunity to insult me again; to tell me how useless, how pitiful, how pathetic I was. I got out of the car without a word to clear some branches from the road so I could get the car going again. Suddenly, behind me, in a loud rumble, there was a furious solitary male coming out of the forest through the trees. His massive body shook the ground with every step. He walked right up to the car and crushed it as Lillian was still shouting at me. I was petrified. He looked at me, frozen for a moment with his big eye trained upon me and then he turned around and went back into to the forest. There was a silence. The rain started to fall. I was sad and happy at the same time. I didn’t even check the car.

I pulled up my coat collar and fixed my hat as I was walking in the night towards the Ashord’s farm. As they wouldn’t see us coming, they would surely send a car.