Last report in Canada for Frank, our Mouching fly fishing globe trotter 

Spot after spot, hint after hint I end up in Elton Lake where an insane wind waists my first day. Next morning as I wake up the wind is nearly down, I grab the opportunity and my kayak and head out. In the evening I even get one of those perfect moments we all dream about: the water is perfectly smooth, the sun goes down as some big bass come out of the lily patches to get my Wooly Popper. A deadly fly given by a local that look like  wooly Bugger body with a popper head, I cam see some of you already taking the wise out!)

The result? 18 bass up to 46cm, so good that I even forget about my big pike quest. The following morning the wind’s so strong the my only option to secure diner is to troll around with the kayak; until something stops hardly enough to feel like a rock, at least until it starts confidently taking my fly line out.

After long efforts I finally get y challenger to come to the surface and discover a pike that’ll force me to beach the kayak before I can get him out of the water. It all ends by a souvenir shot with a 91cm old feller; surely far from the records of the country but good enough to make me happy and top up my kayak trip. I can now happily pack my rod and return my vessel.

(actually that’s not true I didn’t wana return the kayak!)