[slideshow]One of the places in Center France (Massif Central) wher you can fish when everywhere else is closed… the  lac du Malaguet, beetween Le Puy and Saint Etienne !  We love this place because the fishing is excellent and the food amazing (we encourage you to stay a couple of days). If the water conditions were tough this summer, fall and its nicer weather has brought life back to the lake (last week 8 fishermen caught 75 fish!) and in Fall, every year, there is the Critérium du Malaguet a contest with two 3hours sessions, with 10 mandatory flies, on September 22nd (85€  breakfast with coffee and croissant, the flies, and the awarding in the evenig ! If you’re around, don’t miss it !Lac du Malaguet : 43270 Allègre – France – +33 (0) 4 71 00 21 48