Sometimes, at night, I drive. I drive without any reason, without a goal, I hit the road, pitch black. From the open windows a swirl brings fresh air into the car. I cannot stop driving. I love to see in the head lights, the sparkling eyes of the animals of the night, staring at me before they disappear in the dark, jump over a fence or crawl in the  bushes. I drive towards the dawn, shades of trees on the starry skies. I am happy. I’m listening to the last Paris DJ’s miwtape, Soulist is Molesting Laura. You should do the same. Soulist from What the Funk. Download.

Tracklisting :
01. ‪Esther Phillips – And I Love Him‬
02. Sam Cooke – Summertime
03. Curtis Mayfield – Hard Times
04. The Professionals – The Godfather
05. ‪The Mad Lads – Get Out Of My Life, Woman‬
06. Etta James – Leave Your Hat On
07. Betty Chung – Bang Bang
08. Sharon Cash – Fever
09. Helen Reddy – Hit The Road Jack
10. Georgie Fame – Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag
11. Ken Parker – A Change Is Gonna Come
Total time : 31:32