Everyday there are new fishing websites and we are sorry to tell you that a lot of them look alike and don’t bring anything new or unexpected. Basicaly they are ugly and boring… Nothing new regarding the flyfishing world that’s why we never mention them on Le Mouching, because you deserve the best! Today we have found a jewel. A Finnish site which looks like it’s going to be awesome ! LoClouds looks good and is terribly efficiant!  Jani Länsimäki & Jussi Niemi are doing their best so Loclouds becomes one of your favorits! A great videao and fishing spots! First of them is Langinkoski, on the Koska in SOuthern Finland, for early season sea trout. Not only there is a map of where to fish, but also which gear to use, which flies…it is clear and sharp !We want more fishing spots ! I wish those guys could do the same worldwide !! In the meantime, for the ones who could have missed it, here’s theri first videao:Rinse & Repeat[vimeo https://vimeo.com/38716282]