You read LAguole but you pronounce “La-Yee-Ole”! Thats it, you are almost Aveyronnais, one or two breakfasts with Tripous and Roquefort and you’ll be even more…To become Aveyronnais for good, you’ll have to be able to stay several winters, be accepted in the village, know the secret places for mushrooms, talk cattle with the local faramers… But to start, a real Aveyronnais always carry a LAGUIOLE (I was going to say a Calmels…). Then you have “the parisians” those ones they arrive in summer, they love the landscape, the markets, the food, then they buy a house and a couple of winters later… they sell it back and go soemwhere else ç Once I took one of my american friends to fish on Aubrac. He said to me how the same thing happened in Montana, rich hiptsers and famous people bought ranchs thinking it was cool… then after 3 winters they sold them back, too tough! Aubrac is our Montana. But you still can have someone getting you a Laguiole,  not one of those knives “made in China”, a real one, the kind you use all the time at the farm, the kind you use every day! There you go, you have three places to get you Laguiole knife from. it’s the first step to become Aveyronnais.  Long live Aveyron! Long live Laguiole ![youtube=] [youtube=][youtube=http://y