The first time I went fly fihsing in Cuba was in 2001… Since then I go back almost every year. I will come with you during those trips and trust me, we are going to have fun (i’m fluent in French, English and Spanish…don’t worry)! If you never fished salt water….Las Salinas is for you ! I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m only recommanding you this place because you’ll have the most fun! You’ll be able to cast at bonefish almost hundred times a day! You’ll love it! Get your #8 or #9 ready! We’ll also probably go to Rio Hitaguanico where you’ll catch 30lbs tarpons in a paradise mangrove! What I l ike about Las Salinas is that it is human size and that we are close to the village of Playa Larga where we’ll go for diner and have a few drinks in the local bars…nothing is better than a base ball match on tv with our cuban friends!  (I also know a local night club on the way to Rio Hitaguanico…) As for Paredon Grande, bring along your war machines! You’ll find BIG tarpons and you’ll be using your #12 alot! For PErmit and Bones the usual #10 &# #9 rods. We will share a boat for two anglers, the gudes spek english and they know the area like nonene ! imagine there are only 4 boats for over 30 square miles of flats!! Dib’t forget all ythe gear you’ll need…there are no fly shops in Cuba and we also like to leave some gear to the guides. THE PASSPORTS ARE NOT STAMPED… CANCUN OR CANADA is your friendly stop…

 Cuba, Las Salinas, Two hours after leaving the airport you’ll arrive in Playa Larga, our hotel is simple, the bungalows are clean and pratical. Not only we would fish the old area but a new whole fishing aera is now available since the boats are brand new skiffs with a new engine, which allows to go fishing further away where anglers have never been before! We’ll also have the opportunity to go fishing Rio Hitaguanico and it’s 30lbs tarpons! In the evening, we’ll go have diner at the local restaurants or in private houses! I even know a local night club…but this has to remain secret… Las Salinas is Bonefish Paradise! There are only 5 seats!



Cuba, Paredon Grande ! Probably the best destination for Grand Slam! Amamzing flats and fishing area, I know the guides pretty well, some of them I’ve fished with since over ten years! They’ll always do their best to take you to the fish, trust them, they’ll take you to the secret inland laguna, but if on the way they see good conditions for tarpon you’ll end on the clear white flats or if the y spot a permit you’ll go for it ! There  are so many opportunuoties to make a Grand SLam…It’s probably the best place I have ever been to in salt water fly fishing. You’ll be hosted in a very comfortable 4**** hotel where a mojito in hand, you’ll tell evreyone how good the fishing was! Only 5 seats left. 2 fishermen per boat /Single boat + 1000$