Our casting master Jérome has tried the One series, the 9’10# a fast action rod by Sage. A real fast action, with personnality. A high-handed rod, which is able to say where the flyline has to go. The rod action is illustrated on three photographs : we have first bended the tip, then the upper third of the rod, and finally we pulled on the rod to show its full bend.

On the pictures, we see that the rod shows a strong tip action. Even in full charge, the rod depicts a clear bend of the tip. The rod hardly doesn’t move on the lower third. The first and second third of the rod make a 20° angle.

We tried it with three different fly lines that are perfect for pike : a 10-weight Rio Outbound Short, a 10-weight Airflo Forty Plus Sniper Fast Intermediate, and a 300gr Airflo Depth Finder. With this kind of very short and heavy flyline, the rod is in action with only a couple of meters of line out. Within two false casts, the belly is out of the rod tip and we can cast very easily and very quickly at great distances.

With only two to four meters of line out, we really feel that it’s mainly the upper meter of the rod that is in action. Despite its authoritarian action, it is very smooth. You cannot feel any parasite vibration. The rod casts for you, even at short distance. Thanks to this crazy tip action (and to the Konnetic technology ?), it is incredibly accurate. One can make true series of very accurate casts, very easily.

While throwing some more line out, we start to feel it working on the upper half. It is a fishing machine at medium distance (10-15m) with the kind of flyline (shooting-head type) we used. The rod is very well loaded, and gives all its potential. And honestly, there is only a tiny step to do between casting at medium and long distance. The fly caster who likes double-hauling will be delighted to see the backing going out of the rings, with a huge impression of ease.