Last part of Jerome Servonnat’s test with the Sage One 9’10#, on the water with real strong fish that makes the rod work ! 

With « classic-size » pike flies (4/0 to 6/0), the Sage One 9’10# can cast with a lot of ease and comfort. Yes, it is possible to have fun casting a pike fly.

No need to struggle. You can cast without thinking that there is a pike fly at the end of the line, and that’s pretty cool.

With big-size flies, like big tandems, the rod behaves lovely too. You feel the streamer a little bit, and it’s good to depict a smooth curve for the backcast for more fluidity.

This is typical of fast-action rod, and once this movement is acquired you can have the best of this powerful action.



It is also possible to put a heavier flyline (as for the 5-weight that we have presented before link), typically an 11-weight, to smooth the action and be more comfortable.

And when casting huge flies, it’s always better to have a heavier than a lighter fly line.

One of the things that characterize the rod, is its faculty to realize very good lifts, something so important when casting big flies.

Its tip action also allowed us recovering a couple of poor false-casts, that would normally have produced awful casts with other rods.


General feeling
The One series is a high-class rod. An esthetic jewel, an incredible action. A crazy efficiency. I’ve fished several days with it, with a lot of pleasure. It was hard to go back to my regular rod !
Pike flyfishing is a highly demanding type of fishing, especially when blind fishing all-day long with those big flies and heavy fly lines with sinking fly lines, so you really want to feel comfortable. And your rod must be such a good tool that the rod itself push you to go fishing !
The Sage One 9’10# has that kind of attraction, and it has price too ! But that’s the value of research to reach that level : efficient gear, light and comfortable.
The 10-weight Sage One is indisputably a wonderful asset for the one who considers pike flyfishing seriously.