The things we like. At Le Mouching, we have so much in common with the guys from Frontside Fly, so many things we both like, adventure, music, happpyness, jokes, fun; friendship and trouts….that’s a lot. On the other hand you will tell us…who doesn’t? Well… at the office, we receive tens of films, we watch hundreds on the web… and honestly, there are not so many films where you can find, fun, happyness, freindship and love all together. A lot of films are mainly fishporn…( hey! watch my big fish! it’s bigger than yours!)So we try to promote as much as we can the Frontside Fly Posse! Here’s a new serie of their adventures, the DoD! You’ll get the 2 first episodes for free…if you want the rest you’ll have to buy the DVD. By the way, go check their new website!