Do you know what it feels to be alone? Do you know that terrible feeling of loneliness? DO you haveany idea how it feels to be lost in the middle of Le Mouching’s office, when even the secretaries, Linda, Victoria, Huguette, Rosy and Juanita, are not coming to work any more because it is so empty…You want to know why?  Flèche? Flèche instead of staying in our parisian offices decided that he will stay in his studio in Brooklyn, painting naked girls because he pretends he is making a master piece for the Museum of Modern Arts of Kuala Lumpur… Benoît? Benoît after watching Only the RIver Knows, decided he would go fishing 3 MONTH in New Zealand….And me? Me… I am alone in the emptyness of the monumental office, I am my own secretary, I serve coffees to my self, mop the floor, answer emails, the phone, questions from our readers, feeding the Facebook page, opening the door to the delivery man who unloads tons of rods and gear to try, look for investors, work on the back office of the website, find ideas…well I am overwhelmed with work, while the other two are having fun. I feel like crying it is not fun…. So excuse me if I’ve only been posting films for the past three weeks and only writing 3 or 4 lines a day… I hope you understand… Talking about videos, here’s one that came up today as I was cursing and dissing about Benoit in New Zealand, Small stream delights by , a beauty! Only to feel a little self pity while others are taking it easy….vimeo] Music: Run River Run de Vishnu & Dagny