It’s the fly fishing show season…it”s one of the fly fishermer hobbies. When winter comes, not only fly fishermen tie flies, dream of far away trips, they also dream and talk about gear! And one of the best place to do so is the fly fishing shows! They always have to find something to feed their addiction, they always need something to feed the monkey they are carrying on their back like every junky, unless you feed that ape, you will have no rest. That’s the reality of fly fishers. And it’s about time we talk about it! So here’s to give to your monkey, Simms newcatalog! There you won’t find gear for old school fishermen, wearing corduroy and tweed looking for social climbing…the new Simms collection is pure swag for hipsters…the cover with this guide and a permit tatooed on his neck says it all. Enjoy.!!!