Sometimes on the Aubrac, my nearby mountains, I take a splitcane to go fishing those small black trouts in rivers black as tea. I like the pace that bamboo forces me to have when I cast, it calms me down, it is something different than what I am used to. I allows me do something different, I feel I am really part of the landscape I am in, round hills, smooth wind, rolling meadows, gentle cattle. I dream I’m in Scotland. I’m watching  Luke Bannister‘s film and I feel I know that landscape, it is the same one as in my backyard, I feel I know those rivers they look like my childhood ones, I see the same rain. I am at home! All year ong Luke has provided us some of the best videos we posted they are always different then the others, here at Le Mouching we love their pace, their rythm. We wish we’ll get many more in 2013. Thank you Luke.[vimeo]