Hop hop, dear readers, Pêches Sportives needs you because us we need Peches Sportives. When I say us, it’s us flyfishers, lurefishers, fishermen in general and nature lovers. First of all for its varied content on the fishing we love: flyfishing of course, and lurefishing. For its technical folders on lures, analyses on drift for sight fishing, the reports on fishing trips.

 And above all, because Peches Sportives does everything possible to remain a free magazine, who fights to provide us with true informations on environment, and who doesn’t hesitate to point an half-assed management or a pathetic promotion campaign for fishing. And thanks to those informations on the evolution of our natural means, among others, that we have the possibility to take on for the protection of our rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. But this freedom has a price, and for this reason Peches Sportives needs you.

If like me you use to buy it at the newsstand and love it, do not hesitate anymore and subscribe. And if you don’t know Peches Sportives yet, discover it on the web site and go find this small format magazine at the bookshop, and then re-read the previous sentence.

Peches Sportives is the magazine for the fisherman who wants his children to go fishing in a river where there are fish and rings. The magazine for the fisherman who wants to live his passion next to his house, as a fundamental right to have access to a healthy nature.