Wading boots Baptism of Fire for the Gummi Hopper made by Vision during a two months trip in New Zealand. Used almost daily on the roughest trails, stiff banks, mud and wet bushes, sometimes with regulars waders but mostly in wet-wading, enduring until 6 to 10 hours hikes : the real stuff !

We like : the overall aspect – the original colours – the funny sole – the efficient grip – the price

Don’t like : After the 50th fishing sessions, the sole tend to unglue, some seams unstitched and nail are already blunt and could be feel after long hikes.


Conclusion : the Gummi Hopper is a nice looking wading boots and its biggest asset is the weight : so light you forget them ! With a reasonable price Gummi Hopper are certainly a good choice if you fish occasionaly. But if you look for some tough boots to be used intensively you better choose for some strongest ones.