From our good friend and partner Eric Arbogast, King of Florida, Prince of Luxemburg.

Funny little toothpick of a rod, the rather new “Half Weight” from the TFO Finesse series keeps raising eyebrows wherever we bring it. Even though the name might be misleading (0,5 or “half-weight” fly rod, not quite, though!), this short little stick is very lightweight and pleasing, especially when casting a WF-2 floating line in tight quarters. Temple Fork Outfitters also cater to the reel freaks in love with beautifully machined fly reels with the 0-size BVK model: it’s lightweight and solid with ample room for a DT-2 or WF-3 fly line with a few yards of backing… No need for backing with such a lightweight setup? You bet, we set out to test both rod and reel on some big ‘uns as shown in the picture, six-pounds-and-a-half, the scale of the McLean weigh net does not lie… tackle/fish ratio with the Half-Weight on fish this size is pretty close to that of heavier tackle going after the Silver King, thrills included.

Rod (three pieces)  and reel can be found here