Adrien Guillemot is a pike flyfishing addict. He has written for us an article on a range of products that convinced him for his favorite fishing: the North Fork Outdoors belly boats. Thanks a lot for this news!!

Being a pike flyfisherman searching for my friend Esox in lakes, I’ve been looking for a comfortable belly boat to cast and retrieve with ease, nice to handle and that will not turn a 5 to 8h fishing session into a marathon.


North Fork Outdoors is a company from Ogden, Utah, USA. Dave Scadden, gear designer and boss of the company, great flyfisherman, has been able to solve every difficulty of flyfishing from a float tube, in rivers and lakes.

Belly boats and pontoon boats that your the friends will envy, able to flood down the rapids, different sizes that matches everyone’s needs. I bought the OUTLAW ESCAPE in December 2012, and it’s the real dope!!!

Some models fit in a travel bag, with the accessories (paddles, seat, pump,…). The  fabric used for those products is remarkably tough, with reinforcements on the more sollicited areas.

It’s particularity is the addition of paddles. They allow arriving faster on the fishing spots and explore vast bodies of water. A smart system ensures the paddles to always be in the right sense.

The inflating system with 3 valves is very efficient. One can inflate it with a double flux pump in 5min. Count less than 2min with an electric pump. The valve has a security so you cannot over-inflate the float-tube. Count less than 2 min to deflate it.

A very comfortable seat, adjustable so you can have the perfect position for paddling with the feets on the bar. The bags have a very appreciable stocking capacity. There is a dedicated space for the rods.

In brief, I’m in love with my float tube which allows going over long distances in optimal and nice conditions.

Watch their website and videos , they will make you want putting your fins on (do not run !) and jump in the water.