What’s annoying when you’re having a nap, is that you have to wake up… How I love those hot summer days, when it’s so nice to wathc the sun burning everything from a place in the shade, where it’s coom and fresh. As a kid, in my village, I used to laugh at the old people, always wearing a hstraw hat and coming out of their house in the evenig, always being sure to be sheltered from the sun… today I’m one of them, not that I’m old already but because  now, I fear the sun! Well it’s hot and the only place where it can get a little cooler is by the river, when the diference between the water and the feilds temperature creates a little breeze. The fields that are pumping up our river to grow green fat corn, to feed big fat cows, that’ll make big fat maneur that’ll spread in the fields… Now, it’s hard to catch trouts in so many rivers that al lot of fishermen turn to barbel, carp and chum… Barbel, sometimes it feels like you’ve caught a rock that’s rolling down the bottom… Here’s a film with italian barbels! Enjoy !  Have a good sunday [youtube=http://youtu.be/22gUm5swMCE]