On February 19, 2012, l published a story about a spectacular fishing tripin Mexico, the title was “Tuna Grande”. Today, my friend Ethan W., who was present on the boat, offered a correction to that wonderful text. Our proverbial honesty obliges us to publish his version…it’s up to you to decide.

Dear Fleche.

Loved the story. It sure brought back great memories.

But few corrections are in order:

You were hung over; I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. In fact, as you’ll recall I went for a twenty-five mile run @ 3:00 am that morning to warm up for the fishing.

When you GAVE UP on tuna grande (about fifteen minutes after luckily hooking it) you passed the rod to me and after an incredible fight lasting hours in the blazing sun — filmed by National Geographic from a blimp overhead, I magnanimously turned the rod over to Guillermo — so that I could get my push-ups in before we headed back to shore, and so that Mexico would remain friendly with America.


Try this one…

Last week I’m out in the bay fishing for Weakfish and I hook and boat a three foot Sand Shark. I know the species has no teeth, but I was taking no chances. So I grabbed it by its tail and it swung around and knocked my glasses off the cord around my neck and into the bay. There I am with a shark in one hand and my rod in the other trying to fish the glasses out of the drink. No luck. Very expensive fishing trip.