Dee Wading Jacket

Wading jackets, there are tens of them…but depending on your size, sometimes they don’t fit you perfectly… arms are too short, shoulder too narrow, belly is too tight… well unless you have a “perfect” body, very often they fit you… more or less. What about having a wading jacket made to measure? You think it’s going to be pricy as an italian taylor? No it’s not! And you get the plesasure of having something that really fits you perfectly, made in England for more or less the same price as the wading jackets you know, made in vietnam… The Deer Chest Wading Jacket comes for 422$!! You have to chek Hilltrek ‘s gear, they have plenty of other stuff!! And if you find green a little too conservative you can have it in Black, Olive, Bronze, Red and Navy! As for your perfect size, everything is HERE !