A real fishing trip! A normal fishing trip, a normal day at the river. Not one of those films where you see fantastic flyfishermen catching trouts big as mmy leg one after the other and you say to yourself: this is great, but it’s not me. This film here is a real fl fishing film with friends on a normal river, a normal day, but with big trouts yet! And the guy on the screen seems so cool you want to go fishing with him anythime! At Le Mouching flyfishing is all about friendship, laughing fishing and friendship, that’s what we like. We never understood lonely fishermen, who never share anything but the picture of the “big”one they cayght on a mysterious creek with a secret fly…but I’m sure they’re having fun,it’s just not us. But on that film, yes we can identify![vimeo https://vimeo.com/75941289]