A few months ago when the Minister of Ecology presented himself at our offices, we immediately stopped picking our noses and gamboling with our secretaries; even Cyril managed to momentarily stop farting.

I have to confess that this impromptu visit really had us flabbergasted.

 After covering us with well deserved laurels and knocking back the Margarita that we offered him (in one gulp), the Minster cleared his throat and painted for us a sad picture of the dramatic condition of our oceans.

The following is a synopsis of his account.

 “Sirs. Several months ago american scientists announced that, located just below the sea surface in a very isolated area the Pacific Ocean, there is an extensive and highly concentrated flotsam of plastic matter. Estimates of size range from, 700,000 square kilometers to more than 15,000,000 square kilometers. A seventh continent if you like. A continent of shit captured in and trapped by the ocean’s currents. 

 The density of the debris is about 10 time superior to that of  “normal” plankton, which is to say that what we have here is a continent of “plastic plankton”.

 And who nourishes themselves on plankton? Of course, it’s not in le Mouching where I learned that! It’s the the fish, the marine turtles and the whales who will, little-by-little, see their life-span cut short thanks to this appetizing menu. An image of the end of the world a la Jerome Bosch.”

As soon as the Minister finished his stupefying report (I’ve already forgotten your name sir, please excuse me), we irrevocably decided that: le Mouching must testify by providing first hand documents and also (easy to understand) to fish out (no-kill of course!) one of the fish who had fed on this famous plastic plankton.

So my friends, here is the result. There is nothing to add to this… one picture is worth a thousand words.

And after this report… how can certain people bad-mouth us, suggesting that we don’t work for the well-being of humanity!