There is a few thing s I’m always happy to pull out as the first cold days arrive. In fact it is something I always have close at hand, like my knife, a lighter and my…clever phone. I always have close to me my Donwn Sweater. It’s my favorite jacket not to be cold. I feel so good with it and it’s sso comfortable, it’s my second one! Of course I could have another brand…. but really? This one is super light, warm and I wear it in cold summer nights or with a polar fleece as the season gets colder. In winter I wear it every day as a lining under a jacket. But it mainly helps me to fish longer, to stay outside longer, without having to wear heavy gear. And when I’m not using it it folds back in its own inside pocket and is easy to stash anyywhere. I’m talking ’bout my Down Sweater, just because I wear it every day now November is here. Xmas is coming isn’t it? And if you don’t like brown or yellow, like me, it comes in many different colours! [slideshow]