Suppose for a minute that, shamefully, you managed to seduce the fish of your life with a magic fly. (Surely that must happen from time to time, no?) So, there you are with your blood pressure climbing to 190 and suddenly you blurt out: “Holy fucking shit… I left my camera on the kitchen table, today of all days when I really need it!”

Echoing across the river a series of cuss words follow, one worse than the other (rest assured that we would never publish such words on this blog!). Mothers put hands over the ears of their young, blind men fall in the water like drunken subimagos, pregnant women go into labor in infamous places, to sum it up, it’s like the uprising of 1776.

And that is the reason, having long contemplated events such as this, that we at le Mouching have worked long and hard to finalize a little marvel of modern technology.

Briefly, as you will see, it consists of a very special reel.

Special because, while you are reeling in your affair, you also, without effort and without even realizing it, crank up a camera hidden in the highly sophisticated mechanism of the reel.

Understandably, you will be able to realize your dream of reeling in the most beautiful trout of your life, as well as capturing the unforgettable moment on film… it will have your astonished friends drooling; the nec plus ultra of happiness.

Again, one more time you find yourselves shouting: “Thank you, thank you le Mouching, you think of everything, you are even greater than God.