Bingo! Here it is! THE French fishing mag Pêches Sportives! The only mag that speaks its mind… the only one who tells us the sad reality about our French rivers and how our government is treating us…us the sportsfishermen. Basicaly, they don’t give a dam. All they want is to have happy farmers, regarldless of our waters and the wildlife that goes with it. Hopefully there is this paper on sea run trouts in Normandy ! And best of the best an amazing article oubout our, friend, neighbor and Ambassador, Pierre Affre! Dr Pierre Affre, the same one who’s on the board of IGFA,  adventurer, fisherman, film maker, writer, the guy learned fly fishing with Charles de Ritz, and there is is always talking about Le Mouching and helping us, we owe him a lot although he’s mainly been working for us in the dark…. Well take a look at his office…it looks llike an antic store, wher e you could find all the books ever written about fly fishing, allle the species of the underwater world (Pierre is a veterinary) you would find hundreds of rods, tens and tens of reels, many african masks as well as some from New Guinea. This not an office, it’s a chapel! It’s a temple! The temple of kindeness and fishing! If you’re in France it’s a must, get your hands on Pêches Sportives 98 or better, just suscribe. Unlike other emags, this one is on paper, you can read it everywhere ;-). [slideshow]