For years I have been fishing with the same brand of waders, made in Montana. Sometimes I had problems with them especially with the foot seems and the neoprene porosity. So this year after 15 years of  being faithful, I decided to try something else. Although these days I don’t fish as often as I used to, I now want something comfortable and with age, I wanted something strong, since more oftenthan not I’m climbing under fences rather than over them. Over or under, my enemies are still the same: bushes, brambles, barbed wire.
With age I like my comfort, so I decided to try the Patagonia Rio Gallegos, mainly because I was attracted by the Merino sock. Ah! Warmth! It’s a game changer! I no longer fear spending long stretches of time in cold waters. Net result: I have more fun, I catch more fish, and I never think about being cold. With the proper layers, these waders just made my fishing days better. Because we all know that when we are fishing, we only need to focus on what we are doing and not on how to get warmer.

These waders are awesome. The easy lock suspension sytem changes everything; you can instantly go from a deep wading wader to a wading trouser! The hand warmer pocket is a nice feature, the pocket is deep enough to stash a big fly box inside. The sealed waterproof pocket is also really practical as is the attachement dock where you can fit everything you need on hand. The extra layer protection on the legs prevents you from rubbing your legs together; that and the gravel guard get the job done. For a reasonable price of $500, it’s probably the best purchase I’ve made this year! [vimeo]