This is not a new product for 2014. The Monic Monic GSP Skyline Striper flylines exist now for many years. But in my quest of no-stretch sinking lines, I only put the Monic flylines (floating lines) somewhere in my head. A visit at the Moulin de Gemages has been a good occasion to try those famous flylines. Especially to see what “no-stretch” means at Monic’s.


And at Monic‘s, no-stretch, is NO stretch. As stretchable as a braided line for lure fishing, in other words, no stretch at all. Compared with a classical flyline, the Monic GSP Striper really offers something more in the hunt for our beloved toothy pike buddies, to detect any nibble and hard hook up. For strong exotic flyfishing (but jumpy fish like tarpon, more for GTs), the direct contact you can have with those flylines allows a better control of the fish, directly fighting the strong brake of the fighting reels used in search for the leviathans. No-stretch means also considerably reducing the belly in the line when the fish goes sideway.

From the casting side, the profile of the Skyline Striper is very good to cast big flies. With an #11, showing a belly very close to my #10 shooting heads, it is easy to reach good distances. The landing is much more discrete than with a shooting head. The coating has a very good slide. Don’t be fooled by the kind of wax on the brand new lines, it will disappear after 10min fishing. And if you wanna take a real advantage of the flyline, a spray of Monic accelerator will bring from the “sports car” category to the “fighter plane” level.

Dear Monic guys, please, we want a series of sinking shooting heads with this no-stretch core!! this is a bomb!!