You thought you’ve seen it all about fishing sunglasses, and the ones you are wearing are the best ones? Maybe, but Smith Optics who already seduced quite a lot of fishermen with its Photochromics lenses, is rising the level of fishing sunglasses a little higher! Last year the new  “Chroma Pop” lenses made quite an impression, by briging brighter colours with more contrast and sharpness as well as smoothness…(do you follow?), well lenses that gave you the feeling that once you took them off, life was a little dull. Today Smith Optics lauches two new lenses in the ChromaPop family that are going to seduce quiet a lot of us, Chroma Pop Polarized Blue Mirror Brown Mirror. Ideal for bright blue days on the flats for the blue ones and perfect for grey days or river fishing with the brown lenses. Check them out as soon as they’re available!  [vimeo]