Are you ready? This issue of Revive mag is sick!  Our friends are publishing what we consider to be one of the best ezine on fly fishing and  this issue, “The Spring Issue” is one of the best so far! It’s much more than fly fishing, it’s fly fishing with style and the “style” would be a way of life as we try to we have on Le Mouching, therefore, Revive is like our cousins. Check that issue, look at the cover by JayMorr. Jay Morr, fantastic photographer with its amazing pictures in colours but astonishing black & whites ones. Go tropical with Andrew Steele Nisbet and AJ Gottschalk and the Tarpon. A way of life with JT Armstrong et CB Crumpler or a way of fly fishing lifestyle. Go for Bass with Dave Hosler CB Crumpler. Let art touch you with Shawn Bischel‘s paintings and sculptures, go for Steelhead with Rich Fleber ! Spring is acoming son, and if not outside yet, surely already in Revive #4,