Dear Mouchingerz, here’s the first post from our new team member Laurent Keiff, a warm welcome !

Time has come (in France at least) to take out the dusters, the half-chickens and the dead rabbits to seek along the reed banks a 700-teethed validation for our delusional outbreaks on the winter vise. Fi! to the strict, when not compulsive, order of the nympher’s fly box, Fi! to systematic variation and entomology. The pike hunter’s streamers box is a vindication for anarchy, for flying chaos, it’s fusion between rococo baroque and abstract expressionism. In short: it kicks asses.

And — as the following video will demonstrate — all feathered, palmate, and gopro-topped, the dragon-slayer is the first serious challenge after years of biker’s undisputed supremacy for the golden tassel of sports’ sartorial elegance. It was ample time. [youtube=]