The most avaited for return of the four hippest members of the fly world, our friends of Jazz & Fly Fishing. There’s the music, there’s the Absurd, there’s something deeply human in their sweet madness. There are Håvard Stubø’s beautiful loops, who definitely knows what he’s doing with a fly rod, and there’s the infamous shadow cast, the Holy Grail of fly casters, a trick so complex it defies description. There’s even fish, a couple.

Here’s the third episode of the adventures of the scandinavian heavyweight of the swag.[vimeo=]

After The Truth, with its inmistakable rohmerian accents, the flyest gang of cool cats in the world comes back to end the season, this time paying a discreet hommage to David Lynch. While bettering the fashion-sense score of the whole fly world.

Guys, we love you… Be sure to come back![vimeo=]