Analog-Africa-Mix-For-PARIS-DJs-VOL-5It’s hot, so hot, you cannot help sweating and looking for a cool spot under the fan, the ice cold beers you’re drinking cannot beat that heat. Tomorrow you’re going to try the catch the fish of a lifetime. In the meatime, you’re in the club called New York in Cotonou, Benin, crossroad of all the best west african musics, the rythm is taking you to the dancefloor, will you still be able to go fishing tomrrow? It doesn’t matter, nothing matters, you’re happy, it’s hot and you’re happy! Right click to DOWNLOAD

From Paris Dj, with LOVE: 

Analog Africa Selection Vol.5 by Déni Shain & Samy Ben Redjeb

 Tracklisting :

01. Vincent Ahehehinnou & Orchestre Poly-Rythmo – Yeye We Nou Mi
(from ‘The 1st Album‘ LP, 1973 / Analog Africa reissue 2011)
02. Iftin Band – Haka Yeelin Nacabkeenna
(from ‘Gabar ii Noquee‘ tape, 1980s / special thanks to John Beadle)
03. Solo Hit – Imoikeme
(from ‘Imoikeme‘ 7 inch, 2013 reissue / Analog Africa)
04. N’Draman Blintch – I First U Last
(from ‘Cosmic Sounds‘ LP, 1980 / Cosmic Sounds)
05. Dina Santos – O Anel
(from ‘In London‘ LP, 1983 / Dacapo)
06. Victor Uwaifo And The Titibitis – Ohue
(From ‘I Wanna Be Your No.1‘, 1980s / Taretone)
07. África Negra – Carambola
(from ‘Africa Negra 83‘ LP, 1983 / IEFE)
08. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou – Moulon Devia
(from ‘Réveil Disco Dubain‘ LP, available soon on a forthcoming Analog Africa release)
09. Ondeno – Mayolye
(from ‘Ondeno‘ LP, 1980 / Disque Ledoux – Special thanks to Keith Slater)
Total time : 37mn 35s