Yesterday Le Mouching was hosting our Ambassadors Jason Gasper and Cindy Tribuzio from that far away country filled with bears and salmon: Alaska! They came all to visit us in Paris but they went a long way, they flew to Mongolia where they played with Taimen, Lenok and Amur trout, sleeping in Yurts, rafting down a river, and than took a train accross the Asian continent to Paris and celebrate with us! We were so lucky to have them, we tried all our gear, bending Switch rods standing up on the sofa, practicing Speycast in the bathtub, using reels as yoyos from the 6th floor on the balcony, we dispayed all our Loop gear to impress them but the ultimate part was when we married a Charles Ritz Parabolic splitcane from the 60’s to a Megaloop reel! That’s how it goes at Le Mouching! Than we drank all the rhum we had and smoked cuban cigars till the little hours of the morning. As the sun was rising, we managed to go down and half naked, still blured by the Ron Anejo, dressed in a cloud of smoke we waved at them as they were going back to Alaska. And we swore (spitting in our hands and shaking them as we do here) that our next trip is going to be to Bristol Bay, rafting down a river! This was a real Mouching stylee evening, only Flechemuller and his famous ocarina were missing! Jason! Cindy! WE LOVE YOU!