LM Echo 3I’ve have had the great opportunity of being invited by Tim Rajeff and Katherine Hart at Rajeff Sports in Vancouver, WA. What do they do at Rajeff Sports (boy, are they neat folk!) when guests from overseas are visiting? Before breaking bread they break… fly rods!!!

Well, Tim is the relentless driving force (hybrid engine, if you please) behind Echo products , including some really “flexible” fly rods as you will see!

After work comes leisure: nothing like a great meal, washed down with excellent wine to fill the batteries before proceeding to yet more activity, casting pretty loops late into the night…

Many thanks to Tim and Kath and the entire Rajeff Sports staff for the overwhelming welcome.

Aah, you might be interested in getting your hands onto some of those Echo products, including the remarkable fly rods? They can be had at Baltic Fly Fisher.